Monday, June 12, 2006

Dance Recital

*This is original poetry written by me and is NOT to be reproduced in any way. This work is protected under my creative commons agreement.*

"I've just got to try" she said earnesly

as her face shone with pride and

my heart filled with glee.

"You'll never know if you don't just try"

I reiterated quickly,

I didn't want this to run dry...

"Sometimes, you'll find", I said to this girl

"that you'll like crazy things

or you'll travel the world."

"But you'll never know if you just don't try"

So remember that always

and you'll reach the sky.


Twirl, little girl

with your eyes shining bright,

and show us your spirit

and let it take flight.

For you have the power

to light up the stage;

to capture the audience,

no matter their age.

You're silly and thougtful

and have courage unseen,

a prima ballerina

with posture, pristine.

So twirl, little girl,

and never forget

to dance through your life

and live without regret.

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