Friday, December 28, 2007


A one-winged fairy
hides on the side
waiting for someone
to let their wish slide
out of their heart and into
her hand
so she can set it free
like a grain of sand.

A one-winged fairy
has no where else to be-
her fairy friends have snubbed her,
so has her family.
Her shadow isn't balanced
and her feet are planted down-
she's the only one-winged fairy
on this side of town.

A one-winged fairy
waits patiently to be seen
so she can prove her worth to all
the others who are mean.
She knows deep down she's worthy
and that she has the right
to have a sense of belonging-
to not be afraid at night.

A one-winged fairy
can make your dreams come true
if only you'd see past her flaws
and bring her into you.

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