Thursday, September 30, 2010

As You Lay Sleeping

As you lay sleeping
curled up like a child
in the bed we made together
I am at peace.

Your skin, smooth and warm
rises and falls-each breath you take-
a promise.

I want always to be where you are.

Burying my face into that
corner between your chin and your shoulder
I say a silent prayer: "Thank You God, for this man."
Your stubble tickles my cheek.

As I kiss your neck you stir,
rolling away to become the little spoon.
I smile because I know you like it.

I smile because I like it too.

It's during these times-
during our early morning dance-
when I am struck with how deeply
I love you. It hasn't been very long.

And yet. It's been forever.

Of a thousand favorite moments,
your sleepy morning smile tops the list;
you're happy to be waking up
to me.

And I, my love, am happy too.

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