Monday, July 25, 2011

AAA (hhhhh!!)

What a day!

I finally received my LL Bean order but when I opened it, it was the wrong item. Apparently someone put the wrong sticker on the item and it got bagged incorrectly. Instead, I received a man's blue windbreaker. When I called LL Bean I asked them to send the item overnight so that I could use it while know, the whole reason I bought the thing in the first first they said no (!) but when I explained that there was an internal sticker on the interior package, (proving I didn't make the error) they agreed. THEN they called me hours later telling me that the the order was on hold b/c they didn't know where to send it! What??! Luckily, it's all settled and I'll (hopefully) get the backpack on Wednesday morning.

Then, on the way out of the parking lot at work, I ran out of gas!!! I haven't run out of gas since high school. It's strange that I did, actually, because my gas light just went on during my lunch break. This usually means that I have plenty of time to drive to the gas station after work. Yeah...not so much. I stalled right as I turned out of the lot-which happens to be on a hill. The worst part is that someone pulled up behind me, and even though my hazards were on, they proceeded to gesture and honk. I wish I knew who that was...also, quite a few people I knew drove right past me. Kinda made me a little sad that no one even stopped to ask if I was OK. Luckily Brian signed me up for AAA last year, so I called to let them know where I was. 40 minutes later, they pulled up and gave me enough gas to get to a gas station.

Funny enough, the name of the service company is "B&L Road Service" :)

Ups and downs...that's what today was about. But the good things outweighed the bad, by far.

I have AAA because my boyfriend loves me.

I bought myself a birthday present-a lime green sleeping pad for camping.

It's rainy and cool out-so I can wear snugly pj's and sit with the windows open in the entire apartment.

I made perogies for dinner and strawberry clafoutti for dessert.

I have wine.

Our next Dexter DVD came in the mail.

I have someone to share my life with-ups and downs and all's marvelous.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

AAA is the bomb... I've had to use mine several times in the last few years. Too many blown tires, etc. Worth every penny.

Lisa said... sure did save me. And I am surprised how quickly they arrived, too. Only had to wait about 40 minutes. I'll renew for sure!