Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aunt Sue

Today is my Aunt Sue's birthday. Growing up, she was one of the most important people in my life. She taught me everything about friends, fashion, family, even decorating. She was my hero and when I was feeling down about myself during my awkward years, I'd remember that she loved me. And that made me think twice about the people who were making fun of me because if someone as cool and pretty and popular as my Aunt Sue liked me, I couldn't be that bad. I have about a billion memories of things we used to do together, but this is a story I wrote years ago, so I thought I'd share it again:

When I was little I lived in New York. I was an only child at the time. My Aunt Sue, who was 9 years older than I was, became more of an older sister to me than an Aunt. We were inseparable. She took me everywhere. She used me as an excuse to keep playing Barbies, even when she was "too old". She make me prettier in my awkward years and taught me how to make fudge (the secret ingredient is that you have to sing "Fudge, fudge call the judge" while making it!).

She also let me in on her secrets, taught me how to wear lip gloss and took me along when she was getting into trouble.

One of those times happened to be Halloween...

It must have been 1980 or '81 because we had not yet moved to CT. I was either in nursery school or kindergarten. I'm not sure what exactly I was for Halloween that year but one side of my face was painted white and the other, red. I had 2 blue dimples painted on and a big red smile. I suppose I was some sort of clown. I also had a red wig. My Aunt was a country girl in jeans, a plaid shirt and a straw hat. She naturally had freckles, but she drew some more on with eyeliner.

She was taking me out trick or treating. Without my mom and dad. Which made me cool. Even more cool? Her friend was coming too. She was dressed up like a bumble bee.

To be honest, I can't remember most of the details of this night. I remember going to some of the neighbors houses; the ones that knew my Nana and Papa and remembered my mom when she was little. They'd open the door, see my Aunt and say, "Oh, who do you have here?!" in a silly voice, knowing full well who we were underneath our costumes. The candy would be thrown in my pillow case and we were on our way.

Somehow, things went from responsible and normal to chaotic and deviant very quickly. Shaving cream was involved. And eggs. To this day I still don't know how my Aunt got the eggs out of my Nana's kitchen. But she did, and they were thrown, and she got dirty. Like I said, I don't remember the order of events, so bear with me...

We knocked on a door. A man answered. I was scared of him. My Aunt bellowed, "Trick or Treat!" and he snapped. He yelled at us for knocking when his light was out. And then he pointed a gun at us.

I don't know if it was real. Being that it was the 80's, it probably was. So we ran. I had trouble keeping up so my Aunt picked me up and ran with me on her bony hip. I remember feeling loved.

We ran to Mt. St. Carmel, the Catholic school all my Aunts and Uncles went to. We hid behind the bushes, huffing and puffing, half laughing, half crying. And then we saw the police car.

In my mind, we didn't do anything wrong. So to this day, I'm not sure why we ran. But we did. And the bee's wing got caught in the bushes, and it ripped, and she cried because her mother would be angry. The cops never got us, but I remember that they shined the spotlight on us, and went down the same street we did.

We ditched them because we ran into the playground of my school.

On the way home, my Aunt and her friend asked me if I had fun. When I replied a half hearted, "Yeah..." they immediately inquired why. I think they were worried I'd squeal on them. I remember I was nervous to tell them why, but this, I am sure, is one of my bravest little kid moments...

"Can you spray shaving cream in my wig so mommy thinks I got bombed?"

...And she did. She was pretty much my hero.

**I have a photo that I'll post later on in the day, once I scan it at home. Come back and take a look later!

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