Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camping Menu

One of the random facts in my "About Lisa" section is: I like to think I like spontaneity, but really, I like a plan. This is true. While I really do enjoy spur of the moment plans and getting in the car and just driving, I do like having some sort of a plan when it comes to premeditated trips or events.

Call me crazy, but I think that by having a little bit of background information and a plan before you go allows you to see and do more things. Most of these plans are never in stone and can be modified at any time, but it's nice to have a backup just in case...and that way you don't waste all of your time trying to figure out what to do because you already know your options!

Brian makes fun of me because I make a lot of lists. He's decidedly not a planner. Which is fine. We're learning how to balance each other out. :) I've been good about our camping trip and I waited until we were a week away (a respectable amount of time, don't you think?) to ask him about what we'll do and to ask him what he'd like to eat.

The menu...this is a fun thing for me. Last year we had beef kebabs which I marinated for a day and then grilled over the open flame. Delicious. After that we had more "normal" camping food like hot dogs and hamburgers. (Can't go camping without hot dogs!)

This year I thought about kebabs again and decided I didn't want to do the normal chicken or beef. Instead, we're going to do sausage and peppers kebabs, a nod to my Italian childhood (where every family function had a big dish of 'em), and grilled potatoes. I think we'll have them on Saturday night. On Friday night though, we're going to have a little feast...

If you remember, last week (or the week before-time flies when you're in love!) Brian and I had a mini clambake at the marina. The big gaping hole in that party was the lobster. I miss lobster. I am craving lobster. I want to cook lobster. And so, as you can guess, I am sure, we're having lobster.


We'll buy them on the way to camp on Friday morning and then I'll split them and rest them on ice until we're ready to cook them. Not 100% ideal, but it'll work. Before we leave, I'll put together a little compound butter with garlic, lemon and parsley (flat leaf only please!) and I'll brush that over the sweet meat as it grills. We'll also have corn on the cob and roasted potatoes that night. Hot dogs are optional...and of course, s'mores for dessert!

I'm also thinking of making up a pitcher of my sangria. It's pretty good and it's refreshing and with Trader Joe's selling 3 buck Chuck, it's affordable. :)

So, because I know you're all just dying to know what we'll be eating, and when:


Breakfast: On the road
Lunch: Hot dogs or sandwiches on the road
Dinner: Grilled lobster (I want to add "bitches"! to that) w/ corn on the cob and roasted potatoes
Dessert: S'mores

Breakfast: French Toast & Campfire hash browns
Lunch: Hot dogs/hamburgers
Dinner: Sausage & Pepper kebabs, potatoes and tomato pasta
Dessert: S'mores

Breakfast: Eggs and/or French Toast and Campfire hash browns
Lunch: Whatever is left over!
Dinner: At home or on the road

Home made granola bars
Doritos (vacation isn't vacation without them!)
Cheese and Crackers

I don't know if you can tell but...I'm pretty excited. :)


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Great menu...have a fantabulous time and don't get eaten by a bear...mmmk?

Lisa said...

Thanks Vinny! I'll try. :)

LceeL said...

Well, it's too late to tell you to be careful and not get eaten by a bear (like somebody else did) - and it's too late to wish you a Happy Birthday - but I thought I'd drop by and say "Hi!".