Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coming Down

It's always so hard for me to get back into the swing of things after a major event or trip is over. OK, so my birthday and a weekend camping trip aren't really major events, but they were pretty built up, and so coming off of the celebration high was rough.

It was such a fun weekend.

My actual birthday was Thursday the 28th. Brian and I took the day off and headed to the beach. We ended up at a small bathing beach down the road from a major beach about 45 minutes away from our house. I'm not a fan of that beach because of how little the actual beach area is, so I was very happy to try out this new place. It was great-no waves because it was in a little cove-but great. The water was cold, but the sun was hot, so it balanced out. There was even a little dock a little way out which Brian and I swam to and sunbathed on for a bit. It was really a nice way to spend my birthday day.

That night we met a few of my friends for dinner in the South End. I chose a place called The Gallows because it looked nice enough for a celebration but not too fussy or expensive. It turned out to be a fantastic choice. I really loved it-the atmosphere and decor were great and it seemed to be filled with 20-30 somethings. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and our service was pretty good. The food was not bad either! As a group we ordered the Poutine. Though it wasn't the best I've had, it was indeed delicious. The chef apparently makes his own gravy (which in my opinion should be a given a place like this, but the waiter was pretty excited about it) and the cheese was fresh. Overall good but I thought that the gravy needed some more seasoning and a dash of salt. Regardless, the plate was scarfed up in no time.

I'd read in the reviews that their Scotch Egg was delicious so I had to try it. It's essentially a soft boiled egg wrapped in sausage then breaded and fried. It looks really pretty and it sounded great, but overall, I was disappointed with it. The sausage had a funny taste which I can't describe. It was good, but not as amazing as I wanted it to be.

My burger, however, was delicious. I ordered the Sunny Side burger which had house cured bacon, cheddar cheese and a sunny side up egg. OMG. So. Good. It was really, really messy though! I had to ask for a 2nd napkin because the egg kept running and the burger was so big that after each bite, I ended up with egg on my face! But man, was it good!

Everyone else seemed happy with their meal too. Brian's burger was intriguing. It was called "Joe Dirt" and it had bologna and Pringles on it! Though I didn't try it, I have to admit, it smelled really good when it was delivered! He gobbled it up pretty quickly too, so it must have been good!

We ended the night with a dessert which had bananas, chocolate, peanut butter and fluff. It was good, but a little too much for me. Brian and one of my friends had a good time finishing it (there were 3 of us left at the end and we shared dessert).

Every year I try to get a group of friends out on the town to celebrate with me, but every year, it ends up being just Brian and I at the end of the night. Which of course, I'm OK with, but I am disappointed that no one ever makes it to the "live music" portion of my birthday. So far, we've yet to have an after dinner party. I think next year I won't even try. Just dinner. It's always fun anyway.

The next morning we woke up hopped into the canoe dressed car and headed up to New Hampshire for a weekend of camping.

It was such a fun time. I love being out in nature with Brian. It's a fairly simple thing, being out in the woods, but it makes me so happy to be surrounded by trees, sitting by the fire and looking over to see him enjoying it just as much as me....

Friday, it rained. Like, a lot. We got to camp in time to pop the tent and put a tarp over the picnic table, but after a couple of hours of sitting outside waiting for the rain to end, we gave up and went to bed early. The rain was incredible! It just pounded down on the tent-but luckily we stayed dry. And luckily, the rest of the weekend was perfect weather.

Before I forget, let me show you what we had for dinner on Friday night, in spite of the weather.

Oh, it was so yummy. I split the lobsters right there at the campsite, placed them on our little roadtrip grill (which by the way, rocks and works like a dream for camping!) basted them with garlic and herb butter that I made before we left and let them go. Delicious. I also made roasted potatoes and that corn. It was very filling, and a nice way to kick off our weekend.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast then made our way over to the lake. Saturday was one of my favorite B1/LL days ever. We spent about 5 hours out there paddling, fishing and wading in the water. We opted to stay along the edges of the islands so that Brian could fish and I could sit on the rocks. We found little coves to park the boat and then just enjoyed being out there together. At one point we found a huge rock not quite in the middle but not quite on the edge and we marooned ourselves there for a while. Brian almost caught a big fish but they seemed to be aware that it was a trick, so they stayed away. When we were done for the day, I was a little sad it was over...

The next morning the original plan was to have breakfast, pack up and go home to sail. Instead, we packed up and went on the lake in the canoe again! We found a really cool little rock area where we sat for hours fishing and sunbathing. After a bit, we paddled around some more and headed in. It'd been a while since I last canoed (since high school) and I'm happy that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I hope we have the opportunity to go out again sometime soon.

Our trip back home was a slow one...on purpose. We drove through the farm land on the back roads until we ended up in Portsmith, NH which is a cute little coastal town. We parked our little car with a big canoe and got some dinner at a local brewery. I swear that people around us must have been mortified at how quickly we ate our appetizer. We hadn't eaten since breakfast and at that point, it was about 4:30pm! It was great to sit down and relax with a cold beer and good food after having a physical morning. Afterward, we walked around the shops, got a cold coffee and headed home.

I still haven't fully recovered. Especially because Brian's been working late all week, so it's been like living alone again (until he comes home and while we sleep, of course). Being alone during the coming down from the fun time high is something I'm more used to than not (having lived alone for 6 years before meeting Brian) but it still doesn't make it fun.

Of course, I'm thinking ahead to when we can go on our next trip...

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