Friday, October 7, 2011

Cartoon Hat

Even in my paranoid state, I do manage to buy stuff. Most of the time it's something I really need, but other times, like yesterday, it's not.

I walked past these and for some reason just HAD to have them:

Excuse the busted point in re-doing them before our camping trip this weekend.

I love them. And they are kind of practical. Kind of. I mean, I have lots of gloves so I really didn't need these, but I thought they'd be great for camping this weekend. And also, they're speckled. I like that. And my winter coat is that blue color that's part of the sprinkles. So it all ties together.

I can't wait to wear them tonight while we sit by the fire eating hot dogs and s' is good.

Last night I worked on my Olive Oyl costume. For those of you who don't know, Brian and I are going to Florida in two weeks (!!!!) and will be celebrating Halloween while we are there. We're dressing up like Oktoberfest people...but that costume isn't quite appropriate for work which is why I'm going to be Olive Oyl. It's a little fun while also being comfy and work friendly. So I worked on that costume last night. I'd already made a hat-she wears one every now and then, and to make it more whimsical, I chose to add it to the costume.

It's a tiny top hat! I found it in the Halloween section in Target. It had a cheap headband attached to it, but I took that off. I'll pin it into my hair for better security. All I had to do was wrap some green pipe cleaner around a fake flower (27 times ;) and sew it to the hat and viola! Cartoon hat!

So, last night I hemmed a black skirt (which I got for $12 on clearance) and added a yellow ribbon along the edge. It looks really cute. The only thing left to do is sew a white frilly border on my shirt and put fake eyelashes on, and I'll be good to go. I have to admit, I am actually more excited about this costume than I am about my real one, but the plus side of Oktoberfest is it's a couple costume. Because I'm part of a couple. :)

Have a great (long) weekend everyone!


Auntie Rita said...

Love the gloves, and the hat! Can't wait to see the halloween pics of all the costumes. Have fun camping, and of course, lots of fun in Florida. (The thermometer says 89 degrees here today) smile!
Love Auntie

Jean said...

Psst, it's me... Jeanie... new blog. Click on my profile...