Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It's been a weird week. I'm frustrated with people in general and feel like I don't have time for their crap. I think it's pre-vacation stress. I should get the rest of this week off to prepare, right?

Today I almost punched someone in the neck.* I was setting up a projector for a meeting (which wasn't even mine) and it wasn't working the way it normally does. And she kept talking to me about what SHE needed and what I needed to do for HER and I kept saying, "OK, please let me just finish this and we'll chat about that in a minute." Silence...

...and then chatter. Seriously? SHUT UP! And then she stepped on my hand. Mother effer.

I kind of have a potty mouth in real life. I blame this on culinary school and commercial kitchens. Sometimes I forget who I'm talking to and an f-bomb will fly out and though I won't flinch and make it seem like I didn't mean it, inside, I'm worried I offended someone.**

(Cue flashback music)

Me: Fuck! I just said fuck! Gah! What the fuck!?!?! AAAAAA!!!!!

(Cue back to reality music)

I do this a lot with a co-worker of mine. It's just the two of us in the office right now due to maternity leave and we have the bad habit of venting to each other and I'm not gonna lie-f-bombs have been me. And I worried. But yesterday we were chatting about something and she slipped one into the conversation and I almost jumped up and clicked my heals in joy. (Lash, kind of like that happy little man did when he found out what I was cooking for lunch that time!) I told her relieved I was because I thought I always offended her and welcomed her to the potty mouth club.

It was a nice bonding moment.

*Not really. Geez! What kind of person do you take me for?!

**Don't worry-I'm mostly appropriate.***


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Jean said...

My dad used to ask me if I ate with that mouth...LOL! Yep, I let em slip.