Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Garment District

Last night we went on an adventure to find Brian's Halloween costume. He looked online a few times for his lederhosen but didn't see anything he really liked and a visit to IParty had the same result. So after we did our laundry, we made our way to Boston Costume. I was pretty excited because I've never been and knowing where it's located meant that it was guaranteed to be interesting.

Indeed, it was. It's 3 floors of warehouse space filled to the brim with everything you could ever think of for costuming. Brian looked at their generic costumes but didn't find anything. That's when we started looking through the enormous stock of vintage clothing. You would not believe the selection and, I hate to say it, the smell. I'm actually a little itchy thinking about it. But wow! It was cool!

Shiny hats! Shiny hats!

Pretty vintage sweaters. When I'm skinny, I'm totally coming back for some of these!

Yes...these are vintage boxer shorts. I'm a little skeeved out by this, actually.

All the pretty colors...


After trying on a few things (and me making an inappropriate-but totally true-comment) Brian settled on a pair of pants which he'll cut and orange suspenders. Oh, and a goofy green hat with a feather on it! He'll edge the pants and suspenders with German looking ribbon (?) and wear a white shirt with knee highs. We'll be a smashing couple, for sure.

Both of my costumes are finished. I had to buy a new needle for my sewing machine but other than that, it pretty much went without a hitch. My costume for Florida was a few sizes too big, so I had to take it in. It's not perfect (there was a lot of extra fabric and the skirt is now a little pleated) but it looks much better. I haven't been able to find hair extensions for braids (I recently cut my hair, so it might not be easy to braid it like planned) but other than that, I'm all set.

We leave on Sunday...

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Jean said...

Faux Liederhosen. How Fun!