Thursday, October 20, 2011

Golden Temple

"Plans for dinner?"

That was the text I received last night while I was cooking dinner for Brian and I. From Brian. Knowing Brian, I knew that he had something in mind so I asked him what was up. Also knowing Brian, I thought it might be Chinese...I was right.

To kick off our vacation, we went out to a fancy Chinese restaurant. I love going to an actual Chinese restaurant as opposed to getting take out. It feels so fancy for some reason. Maybe because the majority of our Chinese food experience include styrofoam boxes; every time we eat on real plates seems like a holiday.

Another bonus was that I have been wanting to try this restaurant since moving to Boston. I am not entirely sure why I never have been, especially because it's pretty much located around my old neighborhood. I'm happy to say that it was an enjoyable experience and the food was delicious.

The entire experience was very relaxing. It's sort of a majestic atmosphere with high arching ceilings, dim lights and candles all over. Even the menu was relaxing:

That last part says, "Settle your dust"...whatever that means. The only slightly jarring thing about the place was the music; Arthea Franklin. Which, you know, isn't bad, but hearing it in a Chinese restaurant was sort of weird. But also funny because at first, I didn't notice was only after half of the scorpion bowl was gone when I started to dance a little and therefore, heard the music playing.

The food. It was good. We had Shao-Mai (pork & shrimp), soup (Brian had Shrimp Chow Foon & I had Hot and Sour), Ginger Sesame Chicken and Beef Chow Mein. A veritable feast, indeeed. And, of course, a scorpion bowl for two. :)

Those pink, white and green curly things on the shao-mai are shrimp chips. When I saw them I exclaimed, "Awesome!" to which Brian said, "Yes, that was out loud." I love that guy. He totally gets me. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of chow mein and I blame my childhood. Growing up, my mom bought the canned, store bought version of this dish and served it to us fairly regularly. Back then I thought it was good but when I put the authentic version into my mouth last night, I didn't. It sadly tasted just like the canned version. (I'm sure not exactly like it-but as memory taste goes, it was.)

After dinner Brian took me into the bar to show me how cool it is. This is a horrible picture, but you can sort of see the kind of architectural details this place has:

Totally fun. Would this be a great place for a party?? I'll have to find an occasion to make that happen.

Tonight's dinner? Salmon with Lentils...and it's already made!

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Jean said...

mmmmm.... Chinese!

I'm a moo shoo pork girl... love the stuff!