Friday, October 14, 2011

Randomivity, Redux

I strongly dislike the smell of baby powder. It's revolting.

Also revolting? Our downstairs neighbor. I'm certain I'd gag if I walked into her apartment-her smell creeps into our apartment every night and is horrible. I can't even imagine what it's like in her actual apartment.

I'm pretty sure that we would have already had a fist-to-cuffs if Brian didn't exist.

Keeping a cat with thumbs trapped is not an easy task.

Barking dogs are much more pleasant to listen to than a raspy voiced woman screaming, "SHUT UP!"

Sometimes the clicker just doesn't work.

Ferret people are odd people. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's true.

Cats should not love to eat shoelaces. They should stick to mice.

9 days until vacation!!! This is our first plane trip together. :)

Ferret, oh ferret, when will you have enough? (You're welcome.)


Marilyn said...

Ferret's give me the creeps. However two of my favorite people are ferret people... my niece and a dear woman I work with. I am in favor of odd people, I guess.

I kinda like baby powder.

I am wondering if the keeper or that cat is having the thumb trapping thing.

Jean said...

I miss this...

Lisa said...

I like odd people too Marilyn. We watched a program on ferret shows and those people were very odd. That's really all I'm basing this on. Which is probably not nice.

Jean: Me too-that's why I had to start them again. :)

lashetta said...

I hate ferrets. One of my friends has one and she always got bad at me cause I wouldnt think her ferret stories were cute lol. This also reminds me that cousin jill had one and chris and I went to sleep over there when we were little and I was expecting to see something flying around Im pretty sure I asked where it was flying around, and they laughed, I thought she had a parrot. LOL