Monday, October 17, 2011

Time For Our Own Bella Stretch...Soon!

Yesterday I walked around the corner and saw Bella, our oldest kitty, enjoying her free time (we had Mitsy in the other room) by stretching out. Hysterical.

I miss my Bella-Boo. She used to have to be in the same room as Brian and I. And if we were in different rooms, she'd come and spend a few minutes with me and a few minutes with Brian. But now that Mitsy is in our lives, she rarely comes to sit with us. Mainly because Mitsy is still too young to understand that no one (cat) wants to constantly play. I think this might change when Mitsy's older though. Already I've "caught" them cuddling together.

Vacation countdown has really begun. This time next week we'll be sitting by the pool with drinks in our hands without a care in the world. I truly can't wait to share a week long vacation with Brian. We're going to have so much fun. Though the main point of this vacation is to relax, we have a TON of stuff planned. We're visiting with good friends, celebrating J-Rock's birthday (which will include dinner cooked by me!), going to Disney for 2 days, visiting Brian's family and spending the day on a boat and going to a Halloween bash dressed up with my sisters and J-Rock. Of course, all of this includes playing in the pool with my niece Mariah and getting a suntan.

Yesterday I did a lot of housework though it never looks like I do anything because it always needs to be done! I did manage to clean out my closet and put all of my clothes away and in the process, I put a pile of clothing into my suitcase for vacation. It's not quite packing because it's just piled in there, but I've started compiling things I know I'll wear in Florida.

If you couldn't tell-I'm pretty excited.

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Jean said...

Bwahahahaahahahahahah... That pic is so funny! it's like a kitty on a wild binge...