Monday, November 28, 2011

Come On Pretty Mamma

Things are moving right along. We are, I am certain of it, one of the most organized couples planning a less than a year away wedding. As you know, we've booked our venue which means we've picked a date (September 2012), our website is up and running and we've registered for a few things and activated our "dream registry". Photographer is booked, engagement photos done and save the dates are ordered (to be delivered tomorrow and then sent by Friday!). A good friend of ours is making handmade place cards and programs for us...

My make up is taken care of and my hair will be set soon too. I'm going shopping for dresses tomorrow in NYC and then Saturday here in Boston....I have my shoes already too. And this weekend, we knocked two other very important things (one is probably THE most important) out of the way:

1. We know who is marrying us. She's someone very special to us and she's family, and we're very happy that she agreed to go through the paperwork to legally marry us in MA. We're so psyched.

2. We booked our honeymoon! We're going here:

...for 7 nights! We're taking a cruise to Bermuda!! I am SO excited. Brian's never cruised before, and I've only cruised on the ghetto of the seas. So this time we're going a little nicer and longer and it's going to be SO awesome. I'm seriously worried that I won't be able to come back to reality after having 2 weeks off with my (soon to be) husband!!!


Life is good.


Mo said...

Glad you are so happy. You so deserve it.
Excited for your cruise, even though I have one booked on the 'ghetto of the seas' LOL

Lisa said...

I've been on 2 Carnival cruises and loved them...we just wanted to upgrade a bit for our honeymoon. :)

B1 said...

"we" are mostly organized, mean you my love. But I"m happy to help!

ClancyPants said...

Remembering my dream long ago when you were in some dark and unemployed days... look at how prophetic it was! The joy you exude is contagious and it thrills me endlessly that you are so happy.

Life is SO good. ♥

Jean said...


Desert Songbird said...

Lucky lady! We had planned on a Bermuda honeymoon. Then we changed it to a Jamaica honeymoon. When we moved west, we changed our plans to an Hawaii honeymoon.

We ended up going to San Francisco for a week. Don't get me wrong; SF is a GREAT city, and I loved it, but SF is NOT a tropical destination. ;-)