Thursday, November 3, 2011

Florida 2011: The Rest of It...

Not that the rest of our vacation was not important or fun-because it was-but let's face it...I got engaged on Wednesday (!!) so...the rest of it was just vacation. Nothing could compare to Wednesday...So I'm lumping the rest of it into this post so that I can talk about other things on this the wedding. *

This is a leftover picture from Tuesday night at Howl at the Moon. This is my youngest sister Lauren and I:

Wednesday we went to Epcot. It was Brian's first time and I'm sad to say that I don't think he enjoyed it as much as I hoped. He did enjoy the world showcase. We ate in the Mexico pavilion which was, as always, delicious. Since it was Food and Wine Festival, we walked around the worlds sampling drinks but ended up not eating many snacks because we'd just eaten dinner. No matter, it was fun walking around, holding hands and enjoying the time alone.

Brian almost ran me over when I pointed out that we were walking past funnel cake!

The next day we drove to Tampa to visit Brian's cousin Kristina and her husband Jay. Our original plan included going out on a boat for the day and then going to dinner, but sadly, it was rainy, so that idea was nixed. Instead, we strolled around a shopping center on the water (sorry, I forgot what it's called!) and then went to hang out at home before dinner.

I was excited to hang out with Kris and Jay because I've only met Kris once and had never met Jay before. It was so great to chat and get to know each other-and Kris gave me an excuse to talk about wedding stuff!

Oh! And, for the first time, I got to see DOLPHINS IN THE WILD!!! They just swam right past us while we were standing on the dock. SO exciting!!!!

After resting for a bit, we made our way to Ybor city where we had dinner at Columbia restaurant. The food was SO good and it even came with a show!!

My dessert-guava filled pastry

It was such a great day-even with the rain!

Saturday night my sister Lauren, her boyfriend Jeremy, and Brian and I dressed up for Halloween and went to a block party in downtown Orlando.

It was a great party, but I wasn't feeling well all day and I probably shouldn't have gone out in the first place. I tried to rally as much as I could but it was cold and smokey (I'd forgotten that Florida allows people to smoke inside of bars still) and I just couldn't help it. I had to ask everyone to leave early. I felt terrible because we'd talked about going out for a least a month and we paid to get in, but honestly, I just needed to go lay down and sleep. Especially because the next day, we were flying home....but we got dressed up and had dinner at the pool and Brian and I even got a round of applause from the peeps at the pool. That was fun...

So, overall, a fantastic vacation. And coming home didn't even suck since home is...home. And we're planning our wedding.

*Sorry-you do know I'm going to talk about the wedding here, right?


Christine Caldwell said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us! I truly could be happier for you! Best of luck in you planning (as I know you will do awesome since you are the most organized person I have ever met). I look forward to following your stories on you journey to bliss! Congratulations!!

Christine Caldwell said...

Opps, could NOT be happier for you!!

Lisa said...

Hi Chris! Thanks for coming over to comment. :) I love comments!!!

Hopefully I won't bore people too much with the wedding stuff. :)