Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm beginning to notice a trend: Photographers don't use the uglies in their portfolio. No one has a crooked nose, an unfortunate birthmark and everyone is skinny.

It's kind of annoying, actually.

Though they are pleasant to look at, I kind of think the people in the photos are already beautiful and actually need very little help. I'd really like to see what someone does with that crooked nose or snaggle tooth. If they end up making that person look good, then I'm pretty sure they could help me too!

Another thing I'm noticing: no one publishes their prices. Why is this? If their pricing is too high, I won't call and therefore I will save us both time. And, if you'd like me to call about pricing instead of looking online, don't put a "pricing" tab on your website. That's just annoying.

Brian and I would like to have some engagement photos taken, hopefully in the next month so we can use them for save the date postcards. I've been searching the Internet for ideas of what kind of pictures I'd like, but I can imagine that telling a photographer what poses you'd like is rather demeaning. Still, there are a few cute ones that I would like and so I've compiled them. I can't show them here though, because they are mostly copyrighted but most involve water and downtown Boston.

Oh, and why does everything gotta be so expensive?!?!


Kristina Brown said...

Sometimes the wedding packages include engagement photos! And welcome to the world of weddings.. So expensive!
Also, don't feel bad about giving people an idea of what you want.. You are paying for these things! It your special day!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tip Kris! I'm finding that to be true about the engagement photos. I emailed a few people today so hopefully they'll be in touch soon.

Linda said...

I have a camera and I'm not that far from Boston and I don't cost much at all ... just sayin'!

Lisa said...

Hi Linda!

I thought of you but we haven't talked in a while so I didn't want to approach you to ask for something. Also, because you're not up here, I didn't know you'd be willing to travel. We have an appointment with a couple of people next week though. Thanks for the offer! I hope you're well!

Linda said...

Hey there,

No, we haven't talked in way too darned long, have we? Life seems to have a way of going way too fast sometimes!

As for traveling, it seems like I'm in Salem quite frequently so I guess Boston just isn't as far away as I once thought it was!

Let me know if things don't work out with the other people you're going to meet, I've only done one wedding with one more on the horizon in April but as long as you aren't looking for uber-professional, Photo-shopped so you can't even recognize it's you photos then I can do okay. Granted, I do better with landscapes but I've been known to occasionally take the good people shot, too!

Best wishes to you and congratulations again on your engagement; I couldn't be happier for you as you so deserve a nice guy and Brian sounds like the Mary Poppins of Boyfriends - Practically Perfect in Every Way!