Friday, November 4, 2011

Randomivity Edition 3

The verdict is in: the shellac manicure is a success. It's been 2 weeks and though you can see that my nails have grown, the polish is still shiny and not chipped. Also, it's prevented my nails from breaking, which is nice. I do worry about what my nails will be like when I take this off-probably brittle like fake nails...but it's good to know these work and will be a good option for me for the wedding.

2 weeks, still shiny!

I think I found a photographer that I really like and she seems to be very reasonably priced. I'm hoping to make an appointment for Brian and I to meet her next week so that we can book her. Of course, we need to nail down our actual wedding date first. Details, details...

Brian says he has to stage an intervention. I kinda have wedding on the brain. But after we book our reception site and have a date, the only other thing I'll obsess about is the photographer and our save the dates. Then I can relax a bit. But not for too long. It's less than a year away!!!

I sometimes say the most obviously wrong thing to people. And I always feel terrible.

Shot #3 (given by my Craigslist killer doctor) seems to have been a success. I told him it didn't work the last time so he switched the steroid and gave me more of it. It's so nice to only have a little pain when moving as opposed to a lot of pain all of the time.

Nugget. I love that word.

So far I've lost 6 pounds in about 2 weeks. That's right on par and I'm excited that I might actually get back to my previous diet weight so that I can start getting back on track to my previous diet goal. I have 4 weeks until I try on my first set of dresses (at Kleinfeld)...that's a 12 pound potential.

Sometimes getting wet in the bathroom together isn't as fun as it sounds.

Today was the first day I looked around and thought that it really looks like fall. Before, the leaves hadn't really changed and it was warm. Not today!

Reason # 665 why I love Brian. His corny jokes...
Him: Knock knock
Me: Who's there?
Him: Yoda
Me: Yoda who?
Him: Yoda one for me!

...he told me this one while standing in the Lego store in front of the Star Wars section...

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