Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wedding Dumpage

We have a photographer!! I found her on The Knot in a local forum. Her portfolio grabbed my attention because it's artsier than the other photographers we looked at. Brian especially liked her better because her photos looks less posed and cheesy.

Another thing I really loved about her was how quickly she responded when I emailed her. Within an hour I had the answers to the questions I asked. Within a day, I realized that she was great and that we needed to meet her in person, so we made an appointment to meet her at a Starbucks in Davis Square. Before we went in, Brian and I talked to make sure we were on the same page. We decided that unless she was rude or annoying, we would sign a contract with her. She's extremely affordable and as I said, we love her portfolio. We crossed our fingers and went inside. And, since you know that we booked her, you know that she was great.

Next Sunday we have our first shoot with her, for our engagement photos. We chose a place by the water with a great view of downtown Boston for our first location and I'm pretty sure we'll also go to Beacon Hill for others, with I'm pretty excited about because I've seen her other shoots in that area and they rock. We'll use these pictures of our save the dates, which will be sent out sometime in December.

It's all coming together!!

We also finished our wedding website. I worked on it for about a week and Brian and I both added things to each section. Along with information about the wedding (we actually don't have a location for this yet) and the reception, we also added little stories about ourselves, information about the town (since most people haven't ever heard of it before) accommodation information and of course, our registry...which is very un-traditional.

I was psyched to share the website with our families after putting so much work into it. I'm not gonna lie though, I haven't heard from any of my family yet(Brian's family told me they loved it and looked at it) and I'm a little sad about it. I guess I just thought that people would be as excited as we are. But I suppose it stands to reason that we're a little geekier than normal, and therefore, most people aren't going to get psyched like we do. I have to keep that in mind.

Other things of note: We decided on electronic invitations instead of traditional ones. Not only are they greener, but they're WAY less expensive. We'll be paying for all of the things that go along with the wedding ourselves (vendors, extras, my dress, etc...) so we're looking for ways of doing things creatively so we save money. Another way we're saving money is by doing the music ourselves. We're hoping to borrow a sound system that we can hook our laptop to so we can play Itunes. We'll collect songs over the next 10 months to play at different times, and enlist a friend or family member to sort of manage it for us...announce us, the cake cutting, etc...hopefully it'll work out OK.

I'm going dress shopping in 2 weeks in NYC. I'm hoping to find an awesome dress at a discounted price (it's a trunk show) but if I don't, I'll be on the hunt here. We did budget a little more in this category, mainly because Brian told me that I should have the kind of dress I've always wanted, so we'll sacrifice somewhere else if we have to. It's kind of stuff like that which makes me love him even more.

So there's my wedding dump for now. I'm sad it's still 10 months away, but I know it'll fly by and I don't want to wish time away. I'll just try to enjoy the present (not really that hard to do) and keep busy and I'm sure I won't go TOO crazy...

Oh-any suggestions for songs? We need cocktail hour, dinner and dancing songs!!


Jean said...

I highly suggest getting a pintrest account. They have tons of cool wedding ideas...

No wedding is complete without Check out anything by Michael Feinstein -- good cocktail party and dinner music.

Desert Songbird said...

I know a song that drives me nuts. Does that count? ;)