Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kleinfeld Sample Sale 2011

On Tuesday, my friend Jill and I drove 4 hours down to New York to attend the sample sale at Kleinfeld Bridal. I'm not one of those brides who always dreamed of being a "Kleinfeld Bride" but when I found out that their designer dresses would be heavily discounted, I jumped at the chance to snag one. And the fact that we'd get to see the shop and the people on "Say Yes to the Dress" was a bonus.

We arrived way too early-but we anticipated having to wait in a long, cold line for hours. When we got there, there was literally no one else on the sidewalk.

They did this sale the right way; they handed out numbers and told people to come back at 3pm when the doors would open. Virtually no waiting and lots of time to explore. My number was 67-the highest we saw was 135.

Because we had time, we walked to Union Square and got ourselves some pizza. We both brought sandwiches but since we weren't stuck in line, we thought it only fitting that we treat ourselves to something we can't have everyday. It was delicious. Afterward we stopped next door at Crumbs to get a cupcake. I picked the chocolate coconut which was good. I didn't love the frosting, but then again, I'm not a huge fan anyway. The cake itself was super moist and worth the calories.

We still had time, so we walked around the holiday market and booth shopped. There were some neat things there, but neither of us bought anything...

Soon enough, it was time to make our way back to Kleinfeld and once they started calling numbers, we were inside before we knew it. I think it was about 4pm when we finally got to look at dresses. It was frenzied but not chaotic, if that makes sense. Brides and their guest were allowed to pick 3 dresses at a time and try them on with a consultant. I got Elaine. I don't think she's on the show but we did see all of the ones who are. They look the same, though Randy looks way more tan in person than he does on TV. Everyone was very nice-which was actually a surprise to me because the reviews state that everyone is super rude. I didn't experience that at all. Granted I did not have a full appointment and Elaine couldn't really do her job like she normally does, but she was helpful and nice. I did get to talk to Randy-he basically said hi to me and I said hi back. I know, I'm cool. We forgot to ask for a picture.

So, you want to know about the dresses, eh? I found the dress of my dreams. But didn't buy it. Why? Well, it's discontinued and a Kleinfeld exclusive. And it was 2 sizes too small. Every dress I tried on after that seemed dull and ugly. Every dress I've looked at online since looks cheap. This dress was amazing. Simple yet stunning-in the color I wanted and everything. And I felt beautiful in it and could picture myself dancing with Brian while wearing it. I'm pretty bummed out.

Yes, I've looked online for another one. Yes, I've looked for the designer, looked for used versions, or knock offs. I can not even find a PICTURE of this dress, let alone any information about it. And sadly, we didn't break Kleinfeld's rule of no pictures. I would really love a picture of that dress. My last ditch effort is that I emailed the shop last night asking if another size showed up after everyone left. If so, I might be in luck-except that it might not be discounted anymore and then I wouldn't be able to afford it. But we'll see...

I have appointments at 2 other dress shops on Saturday. I'll go in with an open mind, I'll let that dress go by then. But until then, I'm going to keep dreaming and searching...

Oh, and I would have more pictures of the day in the city, but I lost them while downloading. :(

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Jean said...

You have way more patience than I'd have. I'm hopeful you will find the dress of your dreams. This means the right one will show up... have faith!