Friday, December 2, 2011

Randomivity Edition 5

You know what I bought yesterday? Wedding stamps. You know why? Because I'm getting married! :)

Our save the dates arrived on Tuesday while I was in New York. We've been compiling addresses so we can send them out as soon as possible. I'm hoping that the stragglers who haven't replied to us yet are in touch today so that we can send them tomorrow-but no later than Monday. Especially because these are our holiday cards this year too.

Kleinfeld hasn't gotten back to me yet. I've found several dresses that look similar but hopefully tomorrow I will find a better dress. :)

I have a hot date tonight. Laundry and a big meatball. That's not a pet name I have for Brian, it's an actual big meatball.

I wish that everyone was as mindful of time as I am.

I've been having sparkly dreams. That's not slang for dirty, I've literally been dreaming of things that sparkle.

Lovesac is not a nice name for a store.

I hate making mistakes which make people reiterate how important details are.

I have another hot date tomorrow night after I go dress shopping. Brian and I are going to a charity event in the city. I get to wear my "something blue" shoes. (Testing them out to make sure I don't die of pain)

If you had to name a breast enhancement cream, what would you name it? Without using the word boob, breasts, or any other slang for that region.

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