Monday, January 30, 2012


I used to make jewelry, did you know that? I could sit for hours upon hours stringing beads until I had so many necklaces I could barely wear them all. But then I stopped for some reason. I think it was because I moved to Florida and couldn't bring my stash of (antique) beads with me and after so many years of not beading, I just didn't miss it anymore.

Last year I made my sisters wedding veil which included tying each crystal onto the veil individually. And, while it was very tedious, I started thinking that I missed being creative like that. And yet, over the last year, I've only made one necklace and once bracelet.

Now that I have my wedding dress, I can start thinking about what type of jewelry I want to wear. I know, I's still very far away. But, if you know me, you know that I LOVE planning things and I LOVE being prepared. So, if I can cross something off of my "list", I do. Even if other people think it's far too early.

I've always been the girl who likes funky jewelry and statement pieces, specifically necklaces. I don't very often wear delicate necklaces, actually. So it's only natural that when I began thinking of wedding jewelry, I knew I wanted something a little less traditional...and something a little...chunky. Oh, and it needs to sparkle. But that's a given, right?

In any case, I started looking online and came up with this necklace:

I completely 100% absolutely love it. And I would buy it today if only I knew if it would look nice with the dress. I've contacted the seller (it's an Etsy item) but haven't heard back-I want to know about the return policy. It's a little pricey, but I really do love it, and it's my wedding I can splurge a little, right?

BUT...the other day Brian and I were shopping and I happened to stroll into the jewelry section and I found 3 bracelets made of crystals that were on clearance. My brain started turning and I decided to buy them because I think I'd like to make my own necklace!

I know that I can make it, I'm just not completely sure that I should. I mean, I know that I won't save any money by doing this. And it could potentially be stressful if it doesn't come out the way I want. And if I bought the Etsy necklace, I'd be supporting a small business, which I like.

But, it would be something creative I could work on to make the wedding more personal. And I DO already have lots of sparkly crystal beads. :) I think the real deciding factor will be if the seller writes back within the next couple of days. If she doesn't, I'm pretty sure I don't want to deal with her anyway...but if she does, and the return policy is written in such a way that I can return the necklace if it doesn't look right with my dress, then I might just go that route.

Decisions, decisions...


Kat said...

Decisions indeed. LOVE the Etsy necklace. It sure does make a statement and looks fabulous. Depending on the dress you chose this could very well look absolutely amazing.

Auntie Rita said...

Time is probably a big factor, but I too love being creative and making things, so I get that. If it can be returned, consider the Etsy necklace, and meanwhile make your own. Keep whichever you love best! Love you honey! Be Happy!!

Jean said...

You like to plan ahead? Really? LOL... I'm the same way.

That necklace is a knockout. I see why you like it. yes, it would look absofreakinglutely gorgeous with your dress...