Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sometime in December my friend Jill sent me an email tipping me off on a huge boot sale. Being the lover of all things accessories that I am, of course I jumped right over to the site. I immediately fell in love with these:

The trouble was, they didn't have my size. So I kept checking back to see if something would give but to no avail. So I ordered these:

I liked them quite a bit and they aren't high heels (I already have a pair of tall heel black boots) and they're different. I waited a whole week for them and when they finally arrived, I ran home during lunch to try them on. Sadly, they were too big. The calf part was too wide and because my leg doesn't fill the boot out, the straps sag. Not very becoming. Also, they were already worn. There are scuff marks all over them! Not happy with that at all, especially b/c they weren't inexpensive. So they're being sent back tomorrow. So sad...

BUT, the great news is that I did a search for the first set of boots and found a site that had my size! And they were on sale!! So I ordered them. There's a slight chance the shaft portion will be too small for my leg, but I'm taking a chance. I sure hope it works out...just have to wait 3-5 business days to know.

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