Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

The inspiration

The next major thing we're hammering out for the wedding is who will do the flowers. We're not going crazy with them and the most expensive single item is obviously my bouquet. I have now met with three florists and received quotes from two. (Hoping the 3rd comes in today or tomorrow.) So how are we supposed to choose?

Both quotes so far have come in within $100 of each other. Both portfolios look pretty much identical and both have high reviews. If I go by personalities, I like florist #2 the best (the one I don't have a quote from), #1 the second and #3-the girl I met with last night-the least. Florist #3 though, I think, has the most favorable reviews...but they're mostly based on how nice she is...which, while she is nice, I just didn't feel a good connection with her.

But really, after she makes our stuff, I won't have to deal with her...

I suppose we have to wait until quote #2 comes in to decide for sure. And I suppose that I could interview a couple more florists to see if they are better. But all 3 of our potential florists are great-I feel like I could choose any one of them and get fantastic results. So interviewing more just seems like a waste of my time and theirs. the heck are we supposed to choose??!!??!


Rita Lammers said...

Go with your gut. If they are all close in price, and close in portfolio presentation, then just go with the one you like the best. The only other thing you could do is websearch them for reviews by other brides. =)
That being said honey, you do the best you can in life, and then if something isn't quite perfect,and you can't fix it, you just go with it.
True Story. Kristina's friend Nitsa planned the perfect wedding, but had no control over the fact that the florist van got in an accident on the way to the church. Sooooo, we scrounged up another runner the church had stuffed in the back room, and the church did not have flowers. Truly, she would have survived without the runner also. Fortunately, the bridal party flowers had been delived to them, so they at least had that. It was an incredibly beautiful wedding, and she didn't even notice the flowers weren't there.
You have love, and that's the best adornment of all! Don't let the rest drive you crazy!
Blessings sweetie! Love you ~ Auntie

Jamie Collins said...

Oops, just commented but it disappeared?! Sorry if this is a duplicate!

With this kind of thing I try to determine whose business I'd like to support. Is it a single mom who could use the business? Small, local business versus a chain? Etc. etc.

If I can't make the decision that way, I go with price. Even a $50 savings is a savings you can put towards something else.

Just my .02!

Lisa said...

Thanks Auntie-I do know that no matter what, our wedding will rock, I'm just up in the air at the moment as to who we should pick!

Jamie-that's a really good way of trying to choose-though I think that if I use this way, I'd end up with florist 3 b/c she's the youngest and probably single. But I'll add this to the mix.

Lisa said...

And also, I'm totally someone who nickles and dimes until I find the best price, so if I were to save $50 I'd do cartwheels. And then buy something fun. :)

Kat said...

That sounds like a lot of stress. I'd go with the ones with the best offer and portfolio. I don't think you necessarily have to be getting on with the florist like a "house on fire" as long as they understand what exactly it is you want from them and they follow through.