Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Own A Wedding Dress!!!!!!

(!!!!!!!!) :)

I bought a non see thru bag so Brian can't peek!

Aren't you dying to open up that bag??! Maybe not...but I am. I might allow myself to look at it once a week. But I can't put it on myself, so I won't be twirling around as I previously thought. Which, you know, is probably for the best and all...

When I walked into the bridal shop, I saw several gorgeous dresses on the mannequins and for a minute-just a minute-I thought, "OMG-that dress is prettier than mine!!"

But then I saw mine. And the lady at the shop asked me if I wanted to to try it on. (Duh, right?!) And it's the first time I was trying the dress on when it actually fit (if you remember, the first was WAAAAAY too big and the 2nd was a couple of sizes too small). And I got to see the back with all of its detail. And I don't want to toot my own horn, but:


I look good! It is so much better than I remembered. And oh how it sparkles!! And it's comfortable (well, as comfortable as a dress with a poofy bottom can be). And I know that Brian is going to love it.

I'm getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ClancyPants said...

I love reading your joy and elation. It makes me happy.

Jean said...

OPEN THE BAG... (not you, brian!)I wanna see the dress!

Kat said...

So curious too. Happy to see you so excited about the wedding ♥.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I will wait until you post pictures of you and Brian standing next to each other with you in your dress.

So thrilled for you my friend