Friday, January 20, 2012


This weekend Brian and I are having my niece Mariah and his goddaughter Maggie sleep over for the weekend. In fact, we're leaving to pick up Rye in CT in a couple of hours! Mariah and Maggie last year and got along so well, we deiced to make it a somewhat regular thing that we have them visit together. This visit is a special one because we're asking M squared (or M2 for blogging purposes) to be the flower girls in our wedding.

It's a secret, so if you know either girl, please don't say anything. We're telling them tomorrow. A little while ago I thought of the idea of having a scavenger hunt with M2 which would lead them around our apartment (only because it's winter). Not only would it kill time and be fun, but it would give us a fun way to tell them how much they mean to us (and therefore, being asked to be in our wedding.). The very last clue will bring them to these:

Mini-bouquets. Similar to the real one's they'll carry in September

I'm pretty excited about it and I hope that they have fun. At first I thought that I'd buy real flowers and make them into a bouquet for this occasion, but then I realized that I wouldn't be able to make the bouquets because they'd be at our house (and they'd die faster if I made them sooner). So I opted to buy fake flowers and tried to get similar shapes and flowers that will be used in our real bouquets. Really, they only thing that matches are the orange flowers (ranunculus) and the hydrangeas. But I'm sure they won't mind.

So that's our big weekend. M2, snow, and scavenger hunts...oh, we'll also be making pizza, cupcakes and playing games. I'm pretty sure we'll have more fun than you this weekend. :)

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Danielle Athanas said...

Such a cute idea!!! :) Can't wait to hear how it goes.