Thursday, January 12, 2012

This Makes Me Wanna...

...prank (spam) call him:

all four blue vases for $10

emails will be deleted spam phone calls only Dave 978-729-XXXX

(As seen on Boston Craigslist 1/12/12)

I'm now trolling the internet to see if anyone is selling vases for cheap. Part of the reason I wanted to get our ideas for our centerpieces out is so that I can find the deals! I'm kind of like that-I challenge myself to find the best price and when I get something really cheap, I'm very happy.

And so, the search continues...

I also have a question for those (2) of you still you know anything about ornamental grasses? Are they cheap to buy in say...a gallon bucket size? And are they easy to care for?


Auntie Rita said...

If you are thinking of ornamental grasses for the wedding, you may also wish to price renting them. May not save you money, but it might save a lot, especially if you don't have a use for them afterwards. Blessings honey!!

ClancyPants said...

I've only bought them and planted them in my yard. But in my yard they're sure easy to care for! :)