Friday, February 3, 2012

The Beach or What Would You Do?

For a couple of months now, Brian and I have known where we'd like our wedding ceremony to take place. It's a beach, in a little town on the coast-the same town we're having our reception. This is the view we'd have as we exchanged vows:

In person, it's really quite breathtaking. And very fitting that after we were married, our hair would smell salty and we'd be a little windblown.

The beach is a private one, and run by an association. For two months I've been playing phone tag with the president of the association but had heard that he's very laid back and that it probably wouldn't be a problem for us to use the space. Finally last night I was able to speak with him.

He is, indeed, very laid back and sounds like a very kind man. He chatted with me for a few minutes and asked about Brian and asked if we were planning on moving to his town, since we love it so much. No, I said. We're planning on living on a boat.

He liked that very much.

Mr. Beach Association President granted us the right to have our ceremony on the beach. I am thrilled, except for one thing. The "donation" price is quite high. Hundreds of dollars higher than I had heard it was. And I'm not sure that we can afford it. It's not enough money that we couldn't save up for it but combined with all of our other expenses (daily, monthly and wedding related) it's quite a lot. So I don't know what to do. Since it's a private association (not for profit, by the way) I feel like we could ask for a lower price, telling them that it's a bit steep for use of the beach for one hour. But I don't like bargaining with people. I'm not good at it and I give in too easily. I'd really like to tell him we could pay him $100 for the privilege of using the beach. That's what I had heard was the fee, and that is a respectable amount. But this new's steep.

What would you do? Would you explain that you couldn't afford the donation price and ask if you could pay what you could? Or would you just not use that sight all together? Or do you have an alternate idea for me? We would really, really love to be married with our feet on the sand and the waves crashing in the background...


Jean said...

I would explain the situation and ask him about paying what you could afford. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Jamie Collins said...

How about you call him and say something like, "thank you, we talkef it over and unfortunately it looks like that amount is out of our price range. Can you recommend a similar setting that might be closer to our price range?" Then, you give him an opportunity to lower the price or at least give you a lead on something else?