Sunday, February 19, 2012

Food, Fun AND Frolic-all on the same day!!

What a gorgeous day it was today! Brian and I took advantage of the nice weather to take a trip down to Cohasset, the town we're getting married in on September 14th. I've wanted to go to brunch at our reception restaurant for some time now, and they were having a wedding open house today, so it was sort of a no brainer that we go for both.

Brunch was good-I'm happy, because I've never tasted their food before today. Brian has eaten there before, and thinks it is good, so I trusted his judgement when we booked. I'm relieved to say that I enjoyed everything I had today. I'm also relieved that I love the space just as much now as I did the moment I first saw it in October.

It's so pretty! Three of the wall are completely lined with windows, which look directly over the harbor. And it's so much bigger than I remember! I'm so happy-our wedding coordinator told us that the room was set up pretty much the same as it will be for our wedding and there was a TON of room. Our guests won't feel cramped and we'll have TONS of room for the dance floor.

Since we have no wedding party, we'll be sitting at our own "Sweetheart Table"

The back of the room, as seen from our table

Another awesome feature of the room is this beautiful stone fireplace. This is where we will be married if it rains on our wedding day. (Pray it doesn't!) This is also where the dance floor is...

Isn't it pretty!?!? I am more excited now than I was before-and that's kind of nuts. Oh! We got to taste cake from one of our possible bakeries too! We tried three different kinds, all of which we loved. They were one of two contenders and it was great to meet the director of sales, who was very nice.

After brunch and the open house, we drove over to the beach where we'll being getting married. It's just stunning. Truly, it's so pretty there, it takes my breath away. And I love that there is a lighthouse in the background and that there are rocks jutting out into the sea. It's just perfect.

Brian and I on our "Wedding Beach"

On our adventure home, we scored a fantastic find for our centerpieces. I'm not going to mention what it is here because most of you will be coming to the wedding and I want SOME things to remain a surprise. But we're psyched that we found it and psyched that we're both crazy enough to be able to see what it can become.

This wedding stuff is getting funner and funner!


Jean said...

Thank you for making me smile today. I needed it!

Mrs. OrioleGal9 said...

So beautiful!!! Sounds like you had a great day! Can't wait to see everything come together :-)

Love ya!