Monday, March 5, 2012

My life...

You know what's really easy to do when you're not drugged but you're stuck at home flat on your back because you just had back surgery? Online shopping. Which isn't good. Especially because I can't go downstairs to get the packages as they arrive because I can't bend down to get them! Oh well. It's all been stuff for the wedding, so I feel OK about it.

So, how am I feeling, you wonder? Today I feel OK. Wednesday's surgery was successful as far as they can tell. But we won't really know until I heal. Because I had this injury for so long, the nerve will take a little while to go back to normal if it's going to do that. Wednesday-Friday were hard days and I truly would not have been able to get through them without Brian. He's a saint. He's done everything for me. He's lifted me up and helped me back into bed-even at 3am when I have to go to the bathroom. He's helped me shower, get dressed, shopped for groceries, cooked and cleaned. And when it hurt so much and I was frustrated, he held my hand and told me it was OK.

Seriously. I struck gold.

I'm not supposed to bend down, lift my arms or twist. Which, you know, is kind of hard to not do. Try it. Try not bending down. Try not twisting or lifting your arms. You can do it for a little while, but ultimately, you really need those things to function. Especially when you're me, and you drop things a lot. (When Brian gets home, he has to pick up some onions that I dropped. Last night it was his comb...)

Today was the first day I was alone since Wednesday. I did pretty well but that's because I slept for most of the day. This medicine doesn't really take the pain away much, but it does make me sleepy, which I guess is good. I managed to make some dinner but by the time I was done I was pretty tired, so I'm waiting for Brian to come home to reheat it and serve it to us. (Don't worry, it was frozen stuff, just putting in the pan.)

This is my life:

I have not felt the air on my skin since Wednesday afternoon when I was too drugged to actually feel the air on my skin because I just had surgery.

I haven't worn makeup since Tuesday night. Luckily Brian thinks I'm pretty without it, but I have a feeling when I put it on again he's going to smile. :)

I'm always in pajamas of some sort. It doesn't make sense to get dressed since I'm not going anywhere, and also, the waistband would sit on my incision, so softer is better.

I've gotten the biggest flower arrangement I've ever seen delivered to me from my boss and co-workers.

I've also received the softest cardigan from Auntie Rita. I think it'll be my outfit for tomorrow. :) (And if I haven't mentioned this before, I love my "new" family. They kind of rock.)

I'm growing my eyebrows out in the hopes that I can reshape them finally. I feel this is the right thing to do when the only person I'll see is someone who loves me no matter what. But I also recognize that they better grow in fast, so I can get them shaped and put on some makeup.

And real clothes. He'd probably like that to happen sometime in the next month too. :)

So there you have life. I'm doing well and healing and at this point I'm not sure how long I'll really be out of work. I have my post-op appointment next Monday and I think he'll assess my progress and see if I can really return after 2 weeks. I'm crossing my fingers, but I know now that I can't push it, even though I want to. I hate being patient when it comes to myself!


B1 said...

why were you using my comb in the first place?

Lisa said...

I wasn't. You have cooties!!

Jean said...

You have struck gold, dear. if he's "with" you through this, you know you got a lifer and a good'un (as they say in the South).

You've been on my mind a lot lately and I'm glad you peeked in with a progress report. Praying that this heals you.

Very gentle hugs...gentle hugs.

Lisa said...

*sigh* I's still so crazy to think that I never knew him before 2 years ago!

Thank you for the prayers Jean. You know how much I appreciate them.

And I'm all about gentle hugs too! :)